Cog knows what means to have ADHD and treat it.

If you suspect or have ADHD or are concerned about someone else, we’re here to help.

What we do

ADHD education

The first step to owning ADHD is understanding it. DiscoverADHD neuroscience, practical realities and superpowers. Prepare to drop any stigma towards it and start a life changing path of self-discovery.

ADHD Management

Now you understand your ADHD its time to manage it. Cog bolsters your ability to manage your ADHD through clinically-approved therapy and CBT techniques, often inaccessible unless you have your own private ADHD therapist.

Guidance & Support

Mismanaged ADHD is very dangerous and turning your life around feels overwhelming and scary, even if you know it's possible.

Cog provides guidance and options for trusted extra support if appropriate to you.

ADHD support


Cog offers standardised cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) online. Cog-BT is a series of sessions to help you adopt techniques to understand why you may often feel down, exhausted, out of control and/or low self-esteem. The course aims to empower you through self-knowledge and simple techniques to start living a balanced life everyday.




The start of therapy focuses on awareness and insight, by giving the user information that they can use and relate to.

Coping skills

We start discussing coping skills, for example using a calendar and to-do list. Ideally we focus on what has the biggest result first to help users stay motivated and build confidence in themselves and the therapy

Attention regulation skills

We help users understand and manage their own attention-span, resulting in less energy going into struggling with tasks, and a kinder, more helpful strategy to deal with tasks that are hard.

Cognitive skills

We start looking at the way the user looks at a problem, and start identifying dysfunctional automatic thought patterns.We give users tools to help them to replace these thoughts by functional thoughts that will help them resolve the problem.


We help users consolidate their new skills, paying attention to what they feel insecure about.

COG is also building an app to:

Manage your life

We’re a self-management and therapy tool to help you manage your ADHD and plan your appointments

Prepare for every appointment

We help you prepare for your appointments and manage your ADHD treatments.

Therapy from your phone

Changing habits is hard, our mobile-therapy feature helps you keep those winning habits

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