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Our mission

Frustrated with the failings of traditional healthcare systems in helping those with ADHD, we felt like we needed to step in.

Combining the power of self-help tools with the expertise of professional coaching, our mission is clear: to create an ADHD care system that truly works.

Cog's brand illustrative character "squiggly" together with a coach smiling and happy
Cog's brand illustrative character "squiggly" happy as things are getting organised in their brain

Our approach is to start with the brain

Our brains are obviously important. Key to our happiness and central to living a fulfilling life.

Yet we don’t understand brains. It gets even more complicated for those with so-called “disorders” such as ADHD. Cog’s mission is enable us to understand our brains, take better care of them and live with clarity.

Our story

Meet Dom Logford, founder of COG.

At 31, Dom discovered he had ADHD. He was fortunate to receive high quality care including medication, therapy and ADHD coaching. His treatment sparked a turn around in his mind, and more importantly, in his life.

After learning that many struggle to access similar care, Dom started to design affordable high quality ADHD support in an app. Rallying a group of talented friends driven by the same passion, Dom embarked on an ambitious mission: to make ADHD care accessible to all who needed it. ADHD causes disorder, but with the right guidance it's both fun and genius.

After several years of building, we are thrilled to introduce the Cog ADHD app. We could not be more proud.

Cog is proudly a neuro-diverse, multi-cultural and inclusive team driven by a purpose to help those in need.

A photo of Dom Longford - the founder of COG

If you want to join our ADHD revolution email Dom Longford at dom@cog.to

Meet COG's Contributors

Dom Longford Cog ADHD

Meet Dom

Dom Longford is Cog’s Founder. Dom discovered he has ADHD aged 31.